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January 21 2013

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July 24 2011


Circle Of Life

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Das Ende einer Ära
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July 08 2011

Horror! via (Club-Mate Pate)
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July 04 2011

Sitzung der Enquete-Kommission "Internet und digitale Gesellschaft" vom Montag, 27. Juni
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June 24 2011

monochrom's ISS / Episode 1 / "V-Day"
In space no one can hear you complain about your job. 

monochrom's ISS is a ten-part improv-reality-sitcom about living and working on the International Space Station. The four actors playing the ISS crew must develop strategies on the fly in response to surprise situations, which are loosely based on actual ISS data uncovered by monochrom. This episode was recorded in front of a live audience on March 16, 2011. 

Actors: Jeff Ricketts (Star Trek: Enterprise, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, CSI), Maciej Salamon (Musicals: Barbarella, Tanz der Vampire, Sweeney Todd), Claire Tudela (Carmen, Musical: The Producers), Geoff Pinfield (Aoterroroa, Lovepuke) Directors (aka live torture of actors): Johannes Grenzfurthner and Roland Gratzer

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June 23 2011

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June 22 2011

June 21 2011

June 19 2011

June 10 2011


Liebe Marie

Henning Sußebach über Schulzeitverkürzung und die Folgen für die Schüler...

June 08 2011

Die Anzahl der benutzten IP-Adressen erreicht das technische Limit. Deshalb soll Ende des Jahres auf ein neues System umgestellt werden: IPv6.

May 22 2011

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Sex in the park is allowed. But show some consideration. Many children institutions use the park. Therefore please avoid: sex in the playground and visible places between 9 am and 4 pm. Loud sex in hiding between 9 am and 4 pm. Remember to: remove semen from the benches after the act. Leave condoms and used napkins in the bin. The city hall of Copenhagen calls for safe sex. Enjoy!(Denmark)
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May 21 2011

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